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Terms and Conditions of Cyprus Car Hire Deals


Unless otherwise stated, all prices quoted are in Euro and include 19 % VAT.



1. Driver information

Minimum driving age is 21 years old. Drivers aged between 21 and 24 must have held a valid license for a minimum of three years. Drivers aged 25 years and upwards only need to have held a license for a minimum of one year.

Drivers aged between 21 and 24 are required to pay a Young Driver insurance surcharge of €7 per day.
Maximum driving age is 70 years old. Drivers over this age may still hire at the discretion of the rental partner. In these cases a Senior Driver insurance surcharge of €7 per day will apply.
All rates quoted are for one driver on the rental between the age of 25- 69 years. A maximum of 3 additional drivers may be added to each rental between the age of 25- 69 years, provided they meet the above conditions. An additional charge of €5 per day per driver applies.


Prices / Rates
All rental prices shown are current for rentals starting within 24 hours. All requested quotes will show the lowest available price that our rental partners are offering between the chosen dates requested, and will be honored and applied to any booking confirmed.


2. Insurance and Additional Extras
All rates quoted include third party insurance cover and the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW / LDW) which provides cover against the cost of repair if the vehicle is damaged. This excludes damage to the tyres, windscreen or oil-sump. Extra Insurance, which covers damage to any part of the vehicle, can be purchased for an additional €6.00 per day.

All policies carry a minimum excess of €900.
Customers have the option to reduce the excess to the indicative amount of €0.00 by selecting our Excess Reducer Option upon reservation or collection, for €12 per day. This supplement replaces the need for Extra Insurance, as full cover is included in the price.
All pre reserved extras, will be supplied by our car hire partner upon delivery of the car. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that such extras will always be available if not reserved in advance.

3. Delivery and Collection
Vehicles will be delivered by the rental partner to the pre-booked location at the start of the rental, within 30 minutes of the agreed time. During office hours (8am6pm) this service is free of charge. Bookings for deliveries outside of normal office hours can only be taken at airport locations, where there is no extra charge for late deliveries.
Please note that we offer no delivery or collection service from Nicosia.
Collections from both Paphos and Larnaca Airport, are subject to an Airport collection fee of €22.However please note that this charge is already quoted in your reservation total.

4. Out of town collections
Vehicles should be returned to the place of collection. If the vehicle is to be returned to a different location, a charge of  €41.65 will apply. This will be added automatically to the cost of a booking, shown as "One Way Fee".

5. Fuel
The car will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and must be returned empty. The driver will pay in advance the cost of fuel. No refund will be given to unused fuel.

6. Vehicle Types
All vehicles are booked according to Group Description. Due to the wide variety of cars used by our rental partners, we are unable to guarantee any specific make or model of car. The vehicles presented are for illustrative purposes only, to give a guide as to the size and specification of cars within each Group / Category

7. Use of the vehicle
All rentals include unlimited mileage, vehicles must only be driven on asphalt roads. Our insurance only provides cover within the boundaries of The Republic of Cyprus so we do not recommend that our vehicles are taken into the occupied Northern Areas. If anything were to happen we would not be able to provide any breakdown assistance and you would be liable for all costs. However should you wish to proceed to take the car cross border you will have to sign a disclaimer which is available from any of our rental partners office. By doing this you will be liable for the total value of the vehicle, plus any 3rd party claims that may arise in the event of an incident or accident. You may be able to purchase insurance once over the border to cover you while in these areas, but we are unable to supply this cover.

Only those drivers listed on the rental agreement may drive the vehicle, and the vehicle may not be used for the paid carriage of passengers. Failure to adhere to these conditions will invalidate the insurance and the hirer will become responsible for the full market value of the vehicle.
The hirer agrees to return the vehicle to the place and time shown on the rental agreement. Additional charges may be levied by the rental partner if the vehicle is not returned at the agreed place.
Drivers must not drive the vehicle whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Traffic fines or penalties remain the responsibility of the hirer at all times. Negligence of any kind on the part of the hirer, including dangerous driving, will invalidate the insurance. The rental partner reserves the right to repossess the vehicle at any time if the contract is breached, no refunds will be made.

8. Accidents
In the event of an accident, the hirer must contact the rental partner immediately of the incident taking place. If another vehicle is involved, the police must also be called before either vehicle is moved. All our rental partners have emergency roadside assistance telephone lines, manned 24hrs per day.

9. Payment
A deposit of Euro 35.00 is required for each reservation, payable at the time of booking. Confirmation via email will only be sent after this payment has been received and cleared. All major credit cards are accepted. The remainder of the balance should be paid locally to allocated rental company upon arrival in Cyprus. Please note that Debit style cards cannot be accepted for deposit payment.

10. Confirmation of Booking
Confirmation of booking will normally be sent via e-mail within 48 hours of receipt of the booking request, with the exception of Sundays and on Cypriot Public Holidays. We are required to give our rental partners a minimum 24 hours notice for all booking requests and as such we are unable to accept same-day bookings, or bookings for next day at late notice.

11. Cancelations
In the event a booking needs to be canceled we require a minimum 7 days notice from the time the car hire is due to start. After this point, the deposit becomes non-refundable. In the event of early return of the rental, no refund will usually be made.

12. Use of personal information
MyCarHireDeals.com may be required to forward personal information to one of its rental partners to allow them to identify you. We will only disclose the information necessary for the purpose of making your booking.

We wish you a pleasant and safe drive!

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