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About Cyprus

Cyprus Car Rent - Cheap Cyprus Car HireCyprus is surely an island in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Turkey. Following Sicily and also Sardinia, Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. However the island is geographically in Asia it happens to be politically a European country and is part of the European Union.


Cyprus is definitely anyear long location and goes through extended dry summer months and also mild winter months which are divided through small fall as well as spring seasons. Summertime offers higher conditions along with cloudless skies, although the beach breeze creates a enjoyable ambiance inside the seaside places. Winter seasons are generally mild, with a bit of rain along with snow on Troodos Mountains.
Cyprus is undoubtedly an island associated with legends which basks year-round in the light of the cozy Mediterranean sun's rays. A tale prior 10,000 years ago has seen people appear and disappear and the likes of everybody from Alexander the Great to Cleopatra stake their claim here - however, people do usually tend to become possessive when dealing with such elegance. Aphrodite made her residence on Cyprus, and visitors all over world arrived here in order to pay her tribute.


Nowadays Cyprus is really a trendy destination which quickly marries European lifestyle with ancient history. Here you will uncover a compact life of beautiful beaches and also fresh mountain peaks, wine makers studded with olive trees as well as historical ruins that blend your imagination, citrus groves and old natural stone villages where sweet wine flows as freely as discussions at the local cafe. A care free location where a a feeling of timelessness is actually amplified through the kindness of the people.


It is extremely traveler warm and friendly, the majority of people for example the ethnic groups speak English, because this is their second language, which talks about their 98% literacy rate.


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About Protaras

Protaras Car Rent - Cheap Protaras Car HireProtaras, known to foreigners as Fig Tree Bay, is a charming bay situated along the eastern coast of Paralimni. Home to crystal-clear waters, and white-gold sand, Protaras is one of Cyprus’ main tourist areas, offering everything needed for a wonderful holiday.



The magnificent beaches and many attractions captivate a large clientele during the summer months, from nearby villages and abroad. For amazing nightlife, Agia Napa is just 13km away, while places of relaxation, such as Cape Greco, is only about 4km away. Protaras is surrounded with beautiful places to visit, making it the ideal place to vacation.


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About Pissouri

Pissouri Car Rent - Cheap Pissouri Car HirePissouri town is probably the only beach small town in Cyprus which has maintained its authentic architecture as well as atmosphere. The town alone stands on the hilltop with a sea level difference of 250 metres as well as the majority of it is made using solid stone walls. The centre of Pissouri continues to be kept with Governmental support and a town block which is surrounded by small family run businesses,is incredibly well-liked by both residents and overseas tourists.


Pissouri income is primarily coming from agriculture (wineries) and also the local vineyards occur in the area are believed to be some of the finest on the island. The town has massive forestland which offers kilometers for the purpose of going for walks in the most enjoyable and pleasurable place.

The town, as well as the family operate firms in the community itself, offers shops/stores, activities, dining and eating places located within the bay / beach location.


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About Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa Car Rent - Cheap Ayia Napa Car HireAyia Napa, the tourist capital of Cyprus, is home to countless bars, clubs, and beautiful beaches, guaranteeing endless fun, every day!


During the winter season, Agia napa has less than 1000 inhabitants, but as summer approaches, the village hosts over 10,000 tourists per day! In Agia Napa, you are ensured an amazing time, with plenty of things to do.


And, when its time to relax, small, secluded areas such as Pernera and Kapparis are very close by.


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About Larnaca

Larnaca Airport Car Rent - Cheap Larnaca Car HireLarnaca seafront is home to many charming cafes and traditional tavernas all in a line near the sea. It is a popular area for both tourists and Cypriots as the picturesque area is perfect for summer nights.


At the end of the promenade, the nearby marina is frequented by yachtsmen from all over the world, and is perfect for a stroll.


Other places of interest are Agios Lazaros church, named after the town’s very first bishop, and Larnaca Medieval Museum. There is also countless shops, bars, hotels and a selection of clubs. Larnaca would be the perfect choice for a laid-back holiday.


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About Paphos

Paphos Airport Car Rent - Cheap Paphos Car HirePaphos, well-known because of its historical treasures, Paphos the actual mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Located around the South-West coast of Cyprus and also sheltered through the north by the Troodos mountains, Paphos gives you the best all year round climate in the Mediterranean.

The country side is definitely gorgeous over summer and winter with fertile plains, citrus fruit plantations, rocky coves, amazing beaches and crystal-clear seas.

Paphos harbour featuring its historical fortress, its mosaics showing Dionysos the God of wine, stunning churches as well as aged monasteries antiquities, has prompted UNESCO to add Paphos in its world cultural heritage list.

Nowadays, Paphos is not merely famous for its outstanding historical pieces and traditional legends, but like a growing coastal place. The authorities have invested for the growth and development of Paphos International Airport whilst private initiatives have focused on hotels, apartments and villa developments and comprehensive entertainment facilities.

Paphos its an enjoyable and ideal spot for holidays.


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About Limassol

Liamssol Port Car Rent - Cheap Limassol Car HireLimassol, the second biggest town of the area can be found in the southern section of Cyprus. It is really an wonderful and glorious sea-resort, along with gorgeous accommodations. It has a ten mile beaches a busy shopping mall, and also, obviously numerous taverns and restaurants.

Limassol is the largest port within the Mediterranean sea transportation trade. It has additionally turn out to be probably the most essential travel and leisure, trade and service providing centres in the region. Limassol is recognized for its very long social and cultural history, and is also the home of (blank) Cyprus University of Technology. A large range of activities and also a variety of galleries and museums as well as historical sites are around for all the fascinated tourist. As a result, Limassol draws in a wide array of vacationers generally during a long summer months to become covered in a wide range of accommodations. A huge marina is right now being constructed in Limassol. Limassol was built among two historical locations, Amathus and Kourion, so during Byzantine rule it had been referred to as Neapolis (new city). Limassol's visitor strip these days operates east along side the coastline as far as Amathus.

Typically the lifestyle varies through plain and simple to sophisticated having a significant choice of bars and clubs to match various preferences.


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About Polis

Polis Car Rent - Cheap Polis Car HirePolis is really a small seaside town situated about the north-western tip of Cyprus within the Paphos District. Its full title is Polis Chrysochous, meaning "Golden Town" in Greek. Sweeping flaxen bays contrast with azure blue waters and softly hued mountain tops, characterising the magnificent landscape unique for this area of the island.


Present day Polis is placed in which the ancient city kingdom of Marion once prospered, and it is now preferred by individuals seeking a relaxed lifestyle in stunning surroundings. The Polis area stretches across the coast, at night town itself, and it is dotted with attractive fishing towns. The charming village of Argaka rests just outdoors Polis town, amongst unspoilt lush eco-friendly slopes, and also the tranquil port of Latsi crowns a lengthy sandy beach. This truly beautiful area can also be valued to be within easy achieve from the Akamas National Park, a huge section of innate beauty.


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