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Thanks for visiting car hire, based in Cyprus. We provide you with low priced Cyprus car hire costs, which various other Cyprus car rental business cannot provide.

Our company is devoted to car hire for many years. Reserve now and acquire the best offers on a daily basis! With the help of us, you can forget hidden fees and extra charges since we operate just with the best rental brands such as ALAMO, INTERRENT, NATIONAL, EUROPCAR CAR RENTALS.

Car Hire Cyprus Broker


The booking process is extremely simple:

1. Enter your pick-up dates and location in Cyprus
2. Choose your car
3. Select the supplements of your choice
4. Fill the form with your personal details
5. Fill the credit card form with your details
6. There you have it. You are going to receive your vehicle rental voucher along with all information you need for your car hire.




Main reasons why you must rent a vehicle from

1. Freedom.
You are able to go anywhere you prefer, as soon as you like. That's the great thing about getting your very own vehicle. Absolutely no rules, zero boundaries, without a place that's too far to get to. In the end, it could certainly be put to great use. Exactly where else could you keep your own luggage which is definitely secure and safe?

2. Local transport.
That's the issue of getting to travel, prevent those extended waiting periods for the bus. Certainly no limitations, Cyprus Car Hire Experts can easily give you a Gps navigation device to assist you to get around with accuracy and allow yourself to design your vacation with full confidence. Have the flexibility of exploration drive your own course and discover your path with confidence.

3. Restrictions.
Simple there is certainly none. Nothing can compare to getting an enjoyable drive around the sandy beaches of the island at your own pace. Along with fuel prices decreasing now, you are capable to move even far more and find out additional pleasures. Have the possibility to experience Cyprus not just through viewing but getting the possibility to stop in addition to go through the satisfaction and wonder it gives you. Feel the experience with - Cyprus Car Hire Specialist!

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